Career Development Solutions & Succession Planning

Increase employee retention. Plan for the future.

The Career Development & Succession Planning (CDSP) solution empowers organizations as they plan for the future. Our CDSP increases visibility by enabling organizations to easily identify and develop top talent. In addition to grooming upcoming talent to move into key positions, you can effortlessly identify and remedy gaps in your succession planning. Enhance employee engagement by creating career paths for them, along with supporting development plans designed to fill gaps and promote employee growth using CDSP, Career development solutions. As you plan for your organization’s future, recogize your bench strengths and areas that need attention. Groom and cultivate the high performing employees you have identified as potential successors.

Employee Performance System: Know if you losing high potential performers or those you had already planned to transition out?


HRsmart’s CDSP is a web-based, interactive solution for developing employees, increasing employee retention, and planning for the future needs of the organization. Our highly configurable solution allows managers and employees to develop career paths together. Discover strengths and areas in need of development with a detailed gap analysis using this talent review software. Build development plans to help grow and develop employees.

Identify successors based not only on required skills, competencies and job experience, but also on an employee’s desire to hold the job. Advanced search tools facilitate finding hidden talent within the organization that may have otherwise been overlooked. After potential successors have been chosen, view the Domino List to determine the strength of your succession planning and uncover areas that may need further attention. Easily locate your top employees, those who may need development, and those you wish to transition out with the most configurable 9 Box on the market. You can also view your attrition data on the 9 Box to determine the impact of the talent you may be losing.


HRsmart’s SaaS technology provides a powerful and reliable solution by offering all modules on the same platform with a single, unified database. Data and cross-module analytics are immediately available throughout the entire solution with updates made via a single screen.

How Does CDSP Work with HRsmart’s Other Modules?

  • Create development plans with access to potential mentors, development suggestions, library resources, and courses to support learning: Learning Management Solution.
  • Create development plans with access to potential mentors and development suggestions to support appraisals. Development plans can be created directly from an appraisal: Employee Performance Solution.
  • View 9 Box placement and launch the Domino List from the Organisational Chart: Unified Talent Management Solution.
  • View competencies developed in project teams to include in appraisals: Employee Performance Solution.

Features and Benefits

  • 9 Box: The most configurable on the market. Identify employees who are ready for advancement, need development, or should be transitioned out. Filter by location, job family, or division.
  • Attrition Data: View attrition data on the 9 Box. Use the above filters in combination with whether the employees separated voluntarily, involuntarily, or both. Determine if you are losing your top performing, high potential talent.
  • Multiple Career Paths: Motivate and engage employees by planning the next phase of their career path.
  • Development Plans: Develop talent by creating plans to assist in growth or to fill gaps required for advancement.
  • Succession Planning: Plan for the future needs of your organization. Use advanced search tools to uncover the best fit for a future opening.
  • Gap Analysis: Quickly identify how closely an employee fits a job and pinpoint areas that need development. Directly access a development plan to add an action item.
  • Domino List: Recognise the strengths of your succession planning and areas requiring further work.
  • Assign Mentors: Take advantage of skilled, successful employees by leveraging their experience and knowledge in mentoring less experienced employees.

What Our CDSP Can Do For Your Company

  • Leverage information gathered in career paths in your succession planning.
  • Identify top performers and further develop them.
  • Enhance manager-employee communication through interactive processes.
  • Determine if you are losing high performing, high potential employees via attrition.
  • Contribute to growth and fill gaps with development plans.
  • Detailed gap analysis provides a graphical view of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unified platform enables use of content from Learning Management in development plans.

HRsmart’s Unified Talent Management Solution goes beyond integrated and offers Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Learning Management, and Career Development & Succession Planning on one, unified platform. These solutions can be purchased as stand-alone or as a complete, Unified Talent Management Solution. The benefits of unified include the efficient manageability of employees from a single screen, instant updates of all data, as well as deeper, advanced analytics. The days of purchasing separate systems are over. Today, companies are looking for a single technology solution to manage their entire employee lifecycle process. HRsmart offers a better choice to the integration of different products: Unified.