Learning Management Solution | Employee Training & Development

Employee Development Program

Cross-training and investing in your employees’ learning is essential for corporate growth and productivity. Businesses must invest employee training and development to keep up with the ever-changing skill and competency requirements dictated by evolving industries.

HRsmart’s Learning Management Solution (LMS) enables your company to plan, track, and measure learning effectiveness and accomplishments for employees through an efficient online solution.


At HRsmart, we understand that the prosperity of any industry is fueled by the right instruction. This is why we developed an interactive solution for clients to provide their employees with a self-service answer for continued learning. Our LMS enables you to house a full catalog of instructor-led, online, or external courses; and the ability to create and automatically assign curricula to direct employees in required training for new hires or for particular job families, organizational units, locations, or job roles.

Training & Development Software

Coordinate learning programs with the management of locations, rooms, and equipment. In addition to the online/virtual library features, employers can manage their company resources by keeping an inventory of their physical library items and track which employee has reserved or “checked out” the resource.


HRsmart’s SaaS technology provides a powerful and reliable solution by offering all modules on the same platform with a single, unified database. Data and cross-module analytics are immediately available throughout the entire solution with updates made via a single screen.

How Does LMS Work with HRsmart’s Other Modules?

  • View “New Hire Class Schedule” to coordinate start date for a new hire: Applicant Tracking.
  • Auto-enroll new hire in “New Hire Curriculum” during onboarding: Applicant Tracking.
  • Access course catalog and library resources when creating development plans: Career Development & Succession Planning, Employee Performance.
  • Add competencies found in completed courses to an employee’s appraisal: Employee Performance.
  • Mentors can recommend courses in a mentoring relationship to assist with the development of an employee: Career Development & Succession Planning.

Features & Benefits

  • Store your learning catalog online: Provide online, internal, or external courses.
  • Online courses: SCORM & AICC formatted courses can be uploaded and launched directly from the solution.
  • Offer and track tuition assistance: Set assistance caps, track requests, approvals, and disbursements, while encouraging the development of your top performers.
  • Create learning plans/curriculum: Offer guidance on required training for new hires or even a specific job family, org unit, location, or job role.
  • Online library: In addition to a library of online documents, track physical library resources including who has them “checked out.”
  • Uniform learning plans/curriculum: Manage and track career development of your workforce by providing guidance on course requirements and setting prerequisites.
  • Development plan inclusion: Leverage learning content and online resources in development plan action items.
  • Learning certifications: Grant certifications for completion of internal learning plans, and enable employees to record external certifications gained. Send notifications when a certificate is in need of renewal.
  • Training history: Enable employees to record training gained prior to joining your organization. Reveal hidden skills, competencies and achievements.

HRsmart’s unified talent management solution goes beyond integrated and offers Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Learning Management, and Career Development & Succession Planning on one, unified platform. These solutions can be purchased as stand-alone or as a complete, unified talent management solution. The benefits of unified include the efficient manageability of employees from a single screen, instant updates of all data, as well as deeper, advanced analytics. The days of purchasing separate systems are over. Today, companies are looking for a single technology solution to manage their entire employee lifecycle process. HRsmart offers a better choice to the integration of different products: Unified.