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HRsmart’s Unified Talent Management Solution goes beyond integrated and offers organizations all the solutions they need on one, built-in platform. These solutions include Recruiting, Performance, Learning, Development and Compensation. Each solution can be purchased as stand-alone or as a complete, Unified Talent Management Solution.

The benefits of Unified include the efficient manageability of employees from a single screen, instant updates of all data, as well as deeper, advanced analytics. The days of purchasing separate, disparate systems are over. Today, companies are looking for a single technology solution to manage their entire employee lifecycle process.

HRsmart offers you a better choice: Unified.


The features offered in HRsmart’s Recruiting Solution go beyond traditional recruiting tools and widgets. Combining social media integrations, electronic onboarding, unlimited dynamic forms & workflows, and full requisition & offer management with an interface that allows you access to any point of data, HRsmart’s solution is always a step ahead.

Once a person is hired, they have immediate access to all of HRsmart’s post-hire solutions. The combined solutions allow organizations to start holistic workforce planning by managing the entire employee lifecycle from the beginning.

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At HRsmart, we understand that the prosperity of any industry is fueled by the right instruction. This is why we developed an interactive solution for clients to provide their employees with a self-service answer for continued learning. HRsmart Learning Solution enables you to house a full catalog of instructor-led, online, or external courses; and the ability to create and automatically assign curricula to direct employees in required training for new hires or for particular job families, organizational units, etc.

In addition to the online/virtual library features, employers can track which employee has reserved or “checked out” the resource, which provides better analytics for that particular employees Performance and Development.

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Your most valuable incentive for motivating and retaining talent is compensation. Whether you choose to pay for performance or use incentives to drive desired behavior, a comprehensive system to manage the process is an important asset. HRsmart’s Compensation System enables companies to plan and implement compensation plans according to their organization’s needs.

Compensation planning is one of the most challenging processes a company undertakes on an annual basis and in most organizations it is managed on spreadsheets. There is a great opportunity, using technology, to get control of the process, associated budgets and ensure compensation recommendations are tightly aligned with Performance output.

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The Employee Performance solution empowers employees and managers to actively manage the performance process. Automating the appraisal process removes the administrative burden, freeing employees and managers to focus on what is really important: taking accountability for tracking the appraisal process, allowing for the inclusion of competencies, goals, cascading goals,and more.

Since EPM is Unified with the rest of HRsmart's Talent Management modules, it allows organizations to leverage data gathered on all aspects of the employee’s career, and view each employee through a powerful reporting tool.

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The Development (CDSP) solution empowers organizations as they plan for the future. Our CDSP increases visibility by enabling organizations to easily identify and develop top talent. In addition to grooming upcoming talent to move into key positions, you can effortlessly identify and remedy gaps in your succession planning.

Within a Unified solution, you are able to look back through the entire employee lifecycle and easily locate your top employees, those who may need development, and those you wish to transition out with the most configurable 9 Box on the market.

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Unified Talent Management

HRsmart’s Talent Management Solution allows businesses to maximize their strongest and most unique resource, their people. HRsmart’s solution streamlines and automates the entire employee lifecycle, allowing companies to smoothly and seamlessly recruit, on–board, develop, compensate, and track their employees. While navigating talent is complicated, HRsmart provides fast, easy-to-use, and reliable software designed to optimize a company’s unique HR processes.

More than 1400 companies of all sizes and industries representing over 3 million employees in more than 30 countries and 28 languages depend on HRsmart’s Unified Talent Management Solution to help find and retain the best talent, while reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. Are you next?

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