Integrated vs Unified Talent Management Solutions

Talent Management Solutions: Integrated vs Unified

Unified vs Integrated Talent Management Solution

The days of purchasing separate, disparate systems are over. Today, companies are looking for one, reliable technology solution to manage their entire employee lifecycle process. Vendors in this space have attempted to meet this need by integrating different products together, but integrating products has severe limitations. Companies today now have a better choice.

About Unified Talent Management

Going beyond integrated, HRsmart's Unified Talent Management solution includes Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Learning Management and Career Development & Succession Planning on one platform, all of which can be purchased stand-alone or as a complete, Unified Talent Management Solution.

Talent Management Solutions at HRsmart

Benefits Of Unified Talent Management:

  • Single Sign-on
  • Solutions utilize a single, shared database
  • Data is updated in real-time throughout the solution
  • Two-clicks to any main screen regardless of how many modules are implemented
  • Deeper and more advanced analytics: cross-modular reporting
  • Implementation time for each subsequent solution enabled is greatly reduced
  • More manageable administration of the solution through unified platform: maintain data for all solutions from one administrative area
  • Information gathered via one solution is available instantly in other modules
  • Solutions can be used as stand-alone or in any combination
  • All aspects of an employee's career are managed from a single screen

The Future Of Talent Management Is Here

Say "hello" to the next generation: Unified Talent Management. The only unified technology in the world, HRsmart's technology provides a deeper level by offering all solutions on the same platform with a single, shared database. Data is available immediately throughout the entire suite with updates made via a single screen, administration efforts are reduced and more meaningful analytics are possible.

One solution.
One sign-in.
One place for all your talent management needs.