Digital Interviews: What are they?

HRsmart is in the business of helping our customers improve hiring quality and reduce time to hire by cutting the time they spend interviewing by 50%. We help companies learn about communication skills, attitude, and technical aptitude at the beginning of the hiring process through the use of pre-recorded or live video and voice interviews. With Digital Interviews, say goodbye to hiring roadblocks and hello to convenience.

Video Interview

Video interviews help you quickly screen candidates that aren't a fit by providing quick, yet deep, insights into candidates' verbal and visual communication skills.

Video interviews are used by more than 60% of employers today because they help save on travel costs, they are easy to use, and can reduce the time spent interviewing by up to 90%.

Voice Interview

Video interviews work great, but jobs that require verbal communication skills (a call center agent, for example) need our voice interview tool.

Voice interviews are also an easy way to learn more about the personality of an applicant, while not requiring the applicant to prepare for a video interview.

Live Video Interview

Live video interviews are used by 60% of companies today because they drastically reduce travel costs, make scheduling easier, and ultimately reduce hiring time. Can't join the interview? The live video software also allows you to record the interview for playback later and allows for comments, ratings, and comparison across all applicants.

iPhone and iPad apps

Candidates and employers can schedule, record, and review interviews on the go from their iOS device.

Scheduling Tool

One of the biggest interviewing obstacles is trying to coordinate multiple schedules at once. With the scheduling tool, you can eliminate the back and forth of interview scheduling. Employers can create availability and applicants may choose their preferred time slots. If something unexpected pops up, the schedule can be easily revised and updated.


All of these options foster collaboration within the hiring process. Pre-recorded interviews allow recruitment departments to enable organizational interview process consistency by creating structured interviews. Hiring managers and recruiters can team up on candidate decisions without having to schedule meetings. Each manager or recruiter can view the candidate on their own time, can share notes about strengths or weaknesses, and can ultimately create a seamless, efficient process for all.

Key Benefits of Digital Interviews

There is a multitude of ways that digital interviews can help companies improve their hiring process; however, here are a few of the most important:

Increased Productivity

30 minutes spent speaking to one candidate can now be turned into an opportunity to review and screen at least 4-5 candidates instead.

Improved Hiring Quality

In 2012, over 69 percent of employers reported that their companies had been adversely affected by a bad hire. 41 percent of those businesses estimated the cost to be over $25,000 while 24 percent said the expense totaled more than $50,000.

These figures are not only frighteningly high, but they also perfectly highlight why making the right hire is vital to the company’s bottom line.

Competitive Advantage

Not only does digital interviewing open up the talent pool globally, but also the faster screening time gives employers the opportunity spend more time finding the right candidates and less time with the wrong ones.

Reduced Travel Costs

Through the use of live video technology, employers can narrow down the top candidates and save the traveling for only the highest qualified. Hotel, airfare, food, and local transportation costs may be cut nearly 85%. Those savings can be reinvested into other areas of the company.

Candidate Experience

Reputation is everything in business, so if your company’s hiring process is outdated, frustrating, inconvenient, and unfriendly, what does that say about your brand?

Digital interviews help speed the process up, turning the recruiting cycle into a 24-hour period. Candidates can record their video or voice interview from the comfort of their homes when it’s convenient and can avoid potential scheduling headaches.