Partnership Business Human Resources Software

HRsmart believes organizations that unite to form a single delivery are of the biggest benefit to clients alike.

Human Resources Software for Partnership Businesses

There is a shift in the market, where companies buying trends are hotter than ever.  As it relates to companies alike, here is one of the seven reasons, as stated in a recent article by Bersin, “7 Reasons HR Technology Is So Hot Today:”

Companies have too many systems and are ready to consolidate.

Our new research shows that only 13% of organizations have a single HR system and on average companies have 3-4 different HR applications (one for HRMS, another for learning, another for recruiting, for example).

Vendors have gobbled each other up, making most platforms more complete than ever. The result: nearly half of the buyers we surveyed this year told us they are willing to sacrifice features for a single vendor solution.

HR Solution Providers like HRsmart need to have a strategy in place to position themselves ahead of their competition in order to secure clients and the revenue they generate.

How Partnering with HRsmart Can Help Your Company Grow and Remain Competitive

HRsmart provides a way for companies alike to bundle and introduce HRsmart’s Talent Management solutions to complement their own HR management solutions and services, allowing our partners to have a more robust Human Resources package offering.

HRsmart’s Unified Talent Management Suite is the only solution in the market that is truly organically home grown on a single technology platform, consisting of our Applicant Tracking System for recruiting, Performance Management for performance and development, Career Development & Succession Planning for positioning successors in developing top talent, Learning Management Solution for planning, tracking and measuring learning effectiveness.

We have a two tier product approach, which consists of our Professional Edition; including all the components of a full talent management suite scaled to fit companies under 200 employees. Our Enterprise product tier is suited for larger size organizations with over 200 employees. Visit our website at

See which Partner Program fits with your company's overall strategy:

Partnership Program Matrix Referral   Operator Reseller (HRsmart Tier 1 Support) Reseller (HRsmart Tier 2 Support)
HRS Product Tier ALL   Professional Edition Series Enterprise Series Enterprise Series
Partner Contribution  
Partner's Sales Effort -  
Partner's Marketing Effort -  
Self Branding Marketing -   -
Self Branding Marketing -   -
Tier One (1) Client Support (Implementation & Client Services) -   -
Partner Investment $ -   $$ $$$ $$$$
Partner Benefit  
Joint Marketing -   - - -
Co-Op Marketing & Lead Generation -   - -
Account Management Support  
HRS Resource Center  
Sales-Product-Client Support Training Certification -  


Gross Revenue Share Potential $   $$$ $$$$ $$$$$

Referral Partnership: A way for companies to offer a complimentary added value Talent Management Solution offering through referring HRsmart. The goal is to work closely together to refer each other’s products and services to fulfill our clients and prospect’s total HR solution needs.

Operator Partnership: Allows companies to make HRsmart’s Talent Management solutions their own solutions (with the ability to integrate their own HR solutions), and offers a quick go to market launch which generates high margins and an immediate return on investment.

Reseller Partnership: Allows companies to expand their product offering and build a new line of business, accompanied with a recurring revenue stream. In today’s economy, it is important for companies to diversify their product and service offerings without a huge investment in order to stay ahead of their competition.

  • Partner with HRsmart to create that "One Stop Shop" to keep your offerings inline with market trends.  For more information on becoming a HRsmart Partner, please complete our partner profile form.

What are the benefits?

Partner Benefits

  • Generate Additional Revenue Stream
  • Improve Client Retention
  • Gain Competitive Edge
  • Increase Market Visibility

Benefits to Your Clients

  • Convenient One Business Source
  • Makes HR Processes Fast and Easy
  • Streamlines Manual HR Processes
  • Positive User Experience
  • Improves HR Efficiencies Resulting in Cost Savings