Employee Performance Management & Appraisals

Preparing your Workforce for the Road Ahead

A high-performance workforce consists of a team that is motivated, developed, and loyal to your organization. Aside from consistently delivering quality products and services, nothing holds more promise for driving company profit than your employees. That is why its important to invest in a quality Employee Management System to maintain the level of motivation your company needs. HRsmart has the perfect Employee Performance Management system giving you the abilities to assess quality hires, to acheive results and develop valuable talent for a more effective working relationship. 

Employee Performance Management:

HRsmart’s Employee Performance Management (EPM) solution provides a way to enhance accountability and visibility within your organization by automating and tracking the workflow performance and appraisal process.

Achieve better business results through goal alignment, goal tracking, and employee coaching.

Increase employee retention with ongoing, interactive feedback using this employee performance management system coupled with clear development plans.

Access real-time data in the reporting chain and employee profiles through this configurable solution.

Employee Management System available at HRsmart

The Employee Performance Management solution is a SaaS, web-based, interactive solution that empowers employees and managers to actively manage the performance process and performance appraisal software. Automating the appraisal process removes the administrative burden, freeing employees and managers to focus on what is really important: taking accountability for tracking the appraisal process, allowing for the inclusion of competencies, goals, cascading goals,and more.

Our solution can be used by any size organization, whether small business or global corporation, due to its high level of configurability. Customise user permissions and create single or multiple workflows to support your organization’s diverse needs. Since EPM is unified with the rest of HRsmart's Talent Management modules, it allows organizations to leverage data gathered on all aspects of the employee’s career, and view each employee through a powerful reporting tool.


HRsmart’s SaaS technology provides a powerful and reliable solution by offering all modules on the same platform with a single, unified database. Data and cross-module analytics are immediately available throughout the entire solution with updates made via a single screen.

How Does Employee Performance Management Work with HRsmart’s Other Modules?

  • Assess quality of hires by combining hire data with performance scores and ratings: Applicant Tracking, Career Development & Succession Planning
  • Appraisal scores are used to place employees in the 9 Box: Career Development & Succession Planning
  • The Risk of Loss calculation automatically incorporates appraisal scores: Career Development & Succession Planning
  • Access the training course catalog, library resources, potential mentors, and development suggestions when creating development plans for appraisals: Learning Management
  • Incorporate competencies into an appraisal from completed courses or developed through project teams: Learning Management and Career Development & Succession Planning

Features and Benefits

  • 360 Appraisals: Include both internal and external participants. 360 feedback can be gathered from virtually any source; clients or vendors can be solicited for feedback of an employee, which may be incorporated into the formal appraisal process, or simply done on an ad-hoc basis. Learn more.
  • Multi-Phase Appraisal: Best practices in Performance Management dictate a proactive approach to the Performance Appraisal or Review Process that follows the multi-phase design. Learn more.
  • Goal Management: Track employees' progress toward assigned corporate objectives. Goal management is transformed into a strategic process that ensures everyone understands and is poised to support the company in meeting high-level objectives. Learn more.
  • Unlimited, Multiple Workflows: Create single or multiple workflows to accommodate the diverse needs of your organization.
  • Calendar & Anniversary Based Scheduling: Appraisals can be scheduled to automatically advance, on a fixed calendar date, or based on the anniversary of the employee’s hire date.
  • Concurrent Appraisals: Employees may have more than one appraisal at a time. Run a 90-day appraisal for a new hire while also tracking performance for the annual company appraisal.
  • Goal sharing: Managers may copy goals or entire appraisals between direct reports, thereby reducing the administrative time needed to personalise employee’s appraisals.

What our Employee Performance Management (EPM) can do for your company

  • Assist in moving the focus from “results only” to results and behavior, through identification of strengths the employee displays and how these strengths can be used more effectively.
  • Introduce enterprise-wide technology that provides consistency throughout the organization.
  • Enable managers to coach and develop valuable talent, thereby motivating employees to consistently perform well.
  • Improve communication between managers and their employees by fostering a positive and effective working relationship.
  • Provide a forum for balanced and accurate 360 feedback on performance.

HRsmart’s Unified Talent Management Solution goes beyond integrated and offers Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Learning Management, and Career Development & Succession Planning on one, unified platform. These solutions can be purchased as stand-alone or as a complete, Unified Talent Management Solution. The benefits of unified include the efficient manageability of employees from a single screen, instant updates of all data, as well as deeper, advanced analytics. The days of purchasing separate systems are over. Today, companies are looking for a single technology solution to manage their entire employee lifecycle process. HRsmart offers a better choice to the integration of different products: Unified.